What Destroys the Relationship?


>>>:Hey! How was your day?

*15 mins later*

<<<:Fine! What about you?

>>>:Mine too. When do you leave from office? I’ll call you.

*30 mins later*

<<<:Oh! It’s going to be a long night I guess. We can talk tomorrow.

>>>:Okay! You’re busy right now? Can we at least keep chatting?


[7 pm]

>>>:Hey! How has your day been so far?

<<<:It’s been busy as usual. You home?

>>>:Yeah! I was thinking of calling you, it’s been so long.

<<<:Yeah, I wish we could talk. Just that these days have been so busy. I’ll call you when I leave, okay?

>>>: Yeah! I’ll wait.

[11 pm]

>>>:Hey! You awake?


[2 pm]

>>>:Hi! You slept yesterday without calling. I was waiting for you.

*2 hours later*

<<<:I’m so sorry babe. I just forgot. But let’s talk today.

>>>:Promise? I’m missing you.

*1 hour later*

<<<:Yes, for sure.

[8 pm]

>>>:You still in office?

*45 mins later*

<<<:No! I left but I am so tired right now. Can we talk later, please?

>>>:Ummm… Okay!

>>>:Hello! Wassup?

*45 mins later*

<<<:Hey, I know we were supposed to talk yesterday, but the day was so crazy.

>>>:It’s okay. I understand. Let’s talk today naa. We never talk nowadays.

<<<:Oh! Today looks tough as I have to go to an office party later. Hope you understand.


Relations often die when someone cares too much and someone else, not so much.

With time, the one who cares gets used to their partner’s ignorance and when they no longer try as much as they used to, their partner begins to feel what they are missing out on.

And more often than not, the realisation comes when it’s too late.

Every body is busy in today’s world. But, everybody also has priorities — For some, it’s family and loved ones; for others it’s career, job and everybody else apart from people who really matter.

And when you start taking someone for granted, their priority comes way too low to be given any importance until, you yourself begin to get deprioritized in their life.

Ignorance and take-for-granted attitude destroys a relation over time. Always!


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