The Future Scope of Mechanical Engineering in India


The future scope of mechanical engineers in India remains as expected. There is always a consistency for the past decades. This is, also, going to be true for the decades to come.

So many companies are good for a mechanical engineer, a few of them are as follows:

ABB group, BAARC, भेल, BEML,Bosch group, BNPM, BPCL, Caterpiller, CELHPCL, Coal India Ltd, DRDO, Ford group, Gail, GSECL, HPCL, Hyundai group, Iocl, IPR, Kirloskar group, L&T group, MDL, MECL, Mahendra & Mahendra group, NFL, नाल्को, NHPC, NLC Ltd, NTPC, Oil India, OPGC Ltd, ONGC Ltd.Power grid, Reliance groups, RITES, Tata group, THDC, TVS group, WBSEDCL, etc.

A mechanical engineer to be placed in a core company should have the basic ideas in the following subjects (with some practical exposure):

1) Engineering drawing,

2) Engineering mechanics,

3) The strength of materials,

4) Engineering materials,

5) Materials science,

6) Finite elements method,

7) Fluid mechanics,

8) Solid mechanics,

9) Project management,

10) Total quality management,

11) Computational Fluid Dynamics,

12) Solid waste management,

13) Green technology,

14) Fracture mechanics,

15) Machine drawing,

16) Manufacturing methods,

17) Design of machine components,

18) Kinematics of machines,

19) Dynamics of machines,

20) Thermodynamics,

21) Applied thermodynamics,

22) Heat and mass transfer,

23) Rapid prototype manufacturing,

24)Control engineering,

25) Industrial engineering,

26) Quality assurance,

27) Reliability engineering,

28) Operations research,

29) Operations management,

30) Supply chain management,

31) CAD/CAM,

32) Automation,

33) Nanotechnology,

34) Mechatronics,

35) Theory of machines,

36) Turbomachines,

37) Theory of plasticity,

38) Theory of elasticity,

39) Foundry technology,

40) Financial management,

41) Photolithographic process,

42) Sputtering technique,

43) Limits and tolerances,

44) Machine tools, etc.

That apart, you can even choose a handful of them to master the concept. Plenty of job opportunities are, surely, available. Please do not directly think of joining good companies. With some experience in small or medium industries, things are going to be very smooth.

In mechanical engineering, there are four major groups/areas like:

i) Manufacturing engineering, ii) Thermal engineering, iii) Design engineering, iv) Industrial engineering.

* You decide that in which area of mechanical engineering you want to concentrate and work.

* You will have to learn a lot in that area.

* Try to be a performer (to become a performer you need to be

meticulous in your task).

* Try to learn some latest software technologies available.

* Do not worry much about your ‘initial’ salary.

* Let it be any kind of job, try to put in a continuous and undaunted effort.

My sincere advice would be not to directly think of joining well-established companies(because it is very difficult, many a time, to get the direct placement). With some experience in small or medium industries, things are going to be very smooth(do not worry much about your initial salary). Treat that as a ‘training period”, and “investment”.

Have faith in the Almighty and your self, and keep going – all the very best.

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