How to Cancel OnlyFans Subscription (2021): Step-by-Step Guide


Cancelling OnlyFans subscription is quite easy then most of the user may think. In this post, I will tell you the step-by-step method to cancel your OnlyFans subscription in 2021 so that you will not be charged again in future.

Cancelling OnlyFans subscription is different from deleting OnlyFans account. Cancelling OnlyFans will not delete your OnlyFans account and you can still access your account.

If you want to know How to Delete Your OnlyFans Permanently then Read This Step-by-step guide

There are two scenarios of cancelling your OnlyFans subscription either you cancel all the subscription or you cancel the subscription on particular OnlyFans creator.

To Cancel complete OnlyFans Subscription

It’s simple to cancel complete OnlyFans subscription, Follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Login to your OnlyFans account from any browser.

Onlyfans app

Step 2: Go to Your Cards by clicking on the profile icon on the top right and then on Your Cards.

Step 3: Here you can see your credit card, Click on the Delete Button. (as shown below)

Step 4: Confirm deleting of your Credit Card by clicking on Yes, Delete button.

Step 4: Now your credit card will be deleted and all your Subscription will be cancelled.


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