How To BooK Flight Tickets For Discount?


So One of my friend told me this Trick which you can also use while booking flight ticket for you.

He was booking a round trip flight for a weekend trip to Goa. He can’t believe how much he saved by having this free browser extension installed while he was booking the flight.

I hope this might be useful when you book flights next time.

The amount came out to be 4,576 INR($ 65.73) for the round trip( Cochin to GOI).

Additionally, there were 2 coupons provided by Goibibo Offers as seen above.

One offered 200 INR and other 250 INR. ( You have to pick one, not both)

Then comes this popup from the’s extension which he installed on his laptop.

After clicking “Try them”, it started auto applying coupons one by one. He didn’t even know there were these many coupons that were active to redeem today.

and guess what? He got coupon code that offered flat 432 INR($ 6.20) discount (compare with 200–250INR which was showing on the website!).

Updated price at checkout.

Of course, I had to get a Kotak card from my friend in order to redeem 432 INR($ 6.20) discount and final amount now is just 4,144 INR ($ 59.52).

Price before: 4,576 INR ($ 65.73)

What I paid: 4,144 INR ($ 59.52)

Amount Saved: 432 INR ($ 6.20)

Imagine if He wasn’t using this chrome extension? He wouldn’t even be able to save what He saved now.

This browser extension is working well for other popular flight booking sites as well including Easemytrip, MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip, Akbar travels and so on. This works well on International flight booking sites as well.

Hence this is a flight booking hack only a few know(Reader, now you also know), that saves some amount every time you make purchases online.’s Chrome extension


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