Do you know Most Successful Peoples In The World (In Business) 

Do You Ever Think Of Peoples Who Is The Most Successful In The World Regarding Business?
I Recently start researching of the most wealthy peoples in business and found them and their stories of how they became most successful peoples in the world.
So Let’s get started instead of starting directly I will first in list them so it may improve your understanding and experience while reading.
List Of Most Successful People in the world:
    1. Bill Gates (1955), American Businessman And Founder Of Microsoft Company.
    1. Steve Jobs (1955-2012), Key Figure In Apple Computers.
    1. Jeff Bezos (1964), CEO Of Amazon.
  1. Walt Disney (1901-1966), America Film Producer.

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Short Biographies:

1. Bill Gates:

  • Childhood And Family:

  • Bill Gates Belonged to a middle-class family, He has two sisters on younger and one elder then, Bill Gates, his Father name is H.Gates, Sr and Mother Name is Mary Gates, He was very close to his mother , his mother was a teacher and after her deep career of teaching she devoted her time to raise her children.
  • Education:
  • Bill Gates was a great reader in his childhood, he spent most of his time reading books like encyclopedia, He was very good at school and at the age of 13 his parents enrolled Him at Seattle’s exclusive preparatory Lakeside School, where He Blossomed All courses especially Math and Science, and for his performance a company called Seattle provide him a computer, He started taking very interest in computer and start spending more of his time using computer.
  • Dropping Out Of College:
  • Instead of studying he spent most of the time in the computer lab learning about computers that what can one do with it, this affect his studies and got average marks in exams, after two years he dropped out of college and started his business Microsoft with his partner Paul Allen in 1975.
  • Early Days Of Microsoft:
  • At starting days Microsoft was making BASIC software for Altair Computers but the business wasn’t smooth enough as people do not use his software but after some time he started working with companies like Apple Computers and IBM And was making Applications for them.
  • Raise Of Microsoft:

  • In 1980 IBM needs software to operate their Personal Computers (PC) and they reach out to Microsoft IBM invited Bill Gates, He seems very young at that time but he impressed IBM and started working for them after that many companies reach out to Microsoft and the business start Grooming.
  • Awards:
  • Bill Gates is being one of the richest and most successful businessmen in the history of the world and He has also received many awards for philanthropic work.

2. Steve Jobs:

  • Family and Childhood:

  • Steve Jobs was born to Abdulfattah ‘John’ Jandali and Joanne Carole Schieble and was then adopted by Paul Reinhold and Clara Jobs, in the young age he was exposed to the world of mechanism by spending most of his time with his father rebuilding electronic devices in their garage at home, and because of these practices he got mechanical and technical powers.
  • Education:
  • He passed high school in 1972 and enrolled in Reed college but after six months he dropped to pursue creative skills classes which includes a course of calligraphy.
  • Career:

    • He first started his professional career as a technician at Atari, Inc. in Los Gatos, California, in 1973.
    • From 1973 to 1975 he has done different projects for Atari, Inc like circuit board for arcade video game breakout, and a blue box technology which allowed free long distant calls.
    • After that in 1976, he found “Apple computer company with Wozniak, the company at the start was aimed to sell circuit boards, and in the same year Wozniak invented the “Apple I Computer”.
    • In 1985 Steve Jobs resigned his own company because of opinion difference with the CEO of the company Jhon Sculley.
    • And in the same year he found NeXT inc, which was later be acquired by Apple and in 1996 he returned to his own co-founded company Apple As a CEO which war later on titled as CEO, After he return many Technologies were introduced by Apple like I Mac, iPod, and then a cellular phone called iPhone and so on.
  • That was the revolutionary technologies introduced by Apple and is now in the Top lists Of Technology Companies.
  • Awards:
    • Steve Jobs has received many awards in his life including the national medal of technology and Jefferson award for public service.
  • And in 2010 Financial Times named him as “Person Of The Year”.

3. Jeff Bezos:

  • American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos is the founder and chief executive officer of and owner of ‘The Washington Post.’ His successful business ventures have made him one of the richest people in the world.
  • Child Hood And Family:
    • Jeff Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico to Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen, his biological father was Ted Jorgensen but his mother then remarried to Cuban immigrant Mike Bezos.
  • In early ages Jeff Bezos show interest in how things work, he turned his parents’ garage into a laboratory, he moved to Miami in teenage where he developed love to computers.
  • Education:
  • After completing High School he enrolled in Princeton University where he pursued his interest in the computer.
  • He graduated from Princeton University in 1986 with the degrees of Computer sciences and Electrical engineering.
  • Career:
    • Jeff Bezos started his first business I during his high schools named as the Dream institute as an educational summer camp for Fourth, Fifth and Six Grade Students.
  • After Graduation, he found jobs Bankers trust and the investment firm D.E. Shaw.
  • Launching
    • Jeff Bezos set up his office in his home garage with several employees and start developing software after completing the site he invited his friends for a beta test of the site the test was successful and then was launched publicly in 1997 as a bookseller website.
  • The results and income were envisioned and the business starts growing very rapidly as time to time he and his team keep adding new features and functions and is now in top lists of e-commerce websites.
4. Walt Disney:
    • Walt Disney was a producer of American motion picture and television and also a showman, He is famous as a pioneer of cartoon and also as the creator of Disney Land.
  • Family and Childhood:
    • Walt Disney was born in Hermosa Section of Chicago, Illinois he has three brothers and one sister his parents are Elia Disney and Flora Call Disney.
  • He lived most of his childhood in Missouri, where he used to make a drawing, paintings and selling pictures to family, friends and neighbours.
  • Education:

  • Walt Disney attended high Schools in Chicago named as McKinley High School where he took art classes there including Photography and drawing classes he also works as a contributor Cartoonist for a school paper.
  • Career:

    • Walt Disney was dropped out from high school at the age of 16 to join the army but they rejected him as he was underage, after that he join the red cross and was sent to France where he drives an ambulance.
    • In 1919 he went back to Kansas city and his brother name Roy got him a job at Rubin Art Studio and he start making commercial ads.
    • As time passed he changed many jobs after few years Walt Disney and his brother got an idea of making their own production company .
  • So He and his brother Roy co-founded Walt Disney Productions Which later on became one of the best and famous motion pictures company Disney was innovative and he created many cartoon characters but he is the most famous for Mickey Mouse.
  • Awards:
  • He won 22 Academy Awards during his lifetime, and was the founder of theme parks Disneyland and Walt Disney World.
I know there is many more peoples , But i will cover them in upcoming articles .
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