CBSE Class 10 Topper’s Answer Sheet for Science Paper


CBSE, everyyear, releases the answer sheets of highest scorers in major papers of class 10 Board Exams. CBSE publishes these toppers’ answer sheets in the name of ‘Model Answers’. These CBSE Model Answer Sheets are very helpful for the board students to understand how to format their answers in CBSE Exams so as to extract maximum marks.

In this article, we are presenting the scanned copy of the CBSE Class 10 Science Topper 2018. This answer sheet will showcase the strategy followed by the toppers in attempting the paper correctly to secure full marks.

A few random questions from CBSE class 10 Science Question Paper 2018 and their answers by toppers are shown below to give all class 10 students a preview of the criteria to attempt the board exam paper in the best way:

1. A Mendelian experiment consisted of breeding pea plants bearing violet flowers with pea plants bearing white flowers. What will be the result in F1 progeny ?


class 10 science toppers sheet

13. (a) List the factors on which the resistance of a conductor in the shape of a wire depends. 

(b) Why  are  metals  good  conductors  of  electricity  whereas  glass  is  a  bad conductor of electricity? Give reason. 

(c) Why are alloys commonly used in electrical heating devices? Give reason.


cbse toppers sheet for class 10 science

18. (a) Define excretion.

(b) Name the basic filtration unit present in the kidney.

(c) Draw  excretory  system  in  human  beings  and  label  the  following  organs  of excretory system which perform following functions:

(i) form urine.

(ii) is a long tube which collects urine from kidney.

(iii) store urine until it is passed out.


class 10 science toppers answer sheet

18. List the steps of preparation of temporary mount of a leaf peel to observe stomata.


cbse topers answer sheet class 10

What are the main points to be taken from the CBSE toppers’ answer sheets?

While going through the answers written by the toppers in the CBSE board exams, students conduct a deep analysis of the criteria followed by the toppers in presenting their answer sheets in the best possible way. A few significant points to be analysed are:

  • Order of attempting various questions
  • Word limit followed in writing the answers in different sections carrying different weightage
  • Use of figures and key concepts to frame the perfect answers
  • Scripting the answers in paragraphs or bulleted points

This way students who are going to appear in CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2019, can take the most benefit of the toppers’ answer sheets to excel in their exams.


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