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IAS Apirants Will Get Other Central Govt. Jobs If They Are Unable To Clear Interview Stage: UPSC Recommends proposal


The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has recommended to the central government and its ministries to recruit from the candidates who reach the interview stage of the civil services exams but fail to clear it, reports The New Indian Express.

“We have proposed to Central Government and the ministries to recruit people from the list of candidates who make it to the interview stage in civil services and other exams but fail to get picked up,” UPSC Chairman Arvind Saxena was quoted in the report as saying.

Saxena was speaking on the sidelines of the Twenty First National Conference of Chairpersons of State Public Service Commissions in Odisha.

Every year, as many as 11 lakh candidates reportedly apply for the civil services exam. Half of these candidates appear for the preliminaries and subsequently their number dwindles through the exam stages and eventually only 600 candidates are selected.

The government can consider recruiting from the pool of candidates who went through the rigorous screening process and failed only at the last stage. This will also help in reducing examination stress among the youth, Saxena said.

He also said that the UPSC is taking steps to make the examination process more candidate-friendly.

“When a candidate applies for the exam online, a (registration) number will be generated for the application. At this stage, we will give candidates an option to step down and there will be no problem at all,” said Saxena while adding that this will be done purely on voluntary basis.

Do You Know Why a Manhole is Circular in Shape


What is a Manhole ?

It is a small covered opening in a paved area allowing access beneath, especially one leading to a sewer.

You may Give the following reasons :

  1. It would be easy to clean as there will be no corners where the dirt can accumulate
  2. It must be to ensure the safety of the person going inside the manhole. If the manhole is rectangular or square shaped then there are chances that the person will hurt himself with the sharp corners of the manhole

The above reasons are okay but not the prime reasons for a circular design. The main reason is –

Because there are no angles for alignment, the round shape makes these heavy covers easier to put back on once they’re taken off. Round covers are also easier to manufacture.


But the main reason manhole covers are round is so they won’t accidentally fall into the manhole itself. With a round cover, no matter how you hold it, you can’t shove it in. It just won’t go. If it were square, a prankster could hold the cover diagonally over the hole and drop it in, to be followed by who knows how many scooters and pedestrians. 

Manholes are designed circular in shape to avoid this unwanted fall

This is a common interview question https://www.forbes.com/sites/meghancasserly/2011/07/27/the-10-toughest-interview-questions/#79f52edf73d4

Google will remove apps that require SMS and Call Logs permissions from Play Store, TRAI’s DND App will remain


Google’s Play Store policy change has come into effect and over the next few weeks, the Play Store will remove apps that require access to SMS and Call Logs.



  • Google will remove apps that require SMS and Call Logs permissions.
  • Developers have been notified through email.
  • Apps which depend on SMS and Call Logs for core functionality will stay put on the Play Store.

Google will now start removing apps that require SMS and Call Logs permissions from the Play Store. The move was announced by the company as part of its policy change a while back and the tech giant has now indicated that the same is going into effect over the next few weeks. Google says that Android app developers who have such apps on the Play Store have been notified through email and their apps will be removed unless they have submitted a permissions declaration form. Google has stated that only those apps that require access to call logs and SMS for their core functionality will stay put on the Play Store, while all others requiring these permissions will be removed. Google also has certain other criteria for developers to meet in order to publish apps on PlayStore that require call log and SMS permissions.

“We take access to sensitive data and permissions very seriously. This is especially true with SMS and Call Log permissions, which were designed to allow users to pick their favorite dialer or messaging app, but have also been used to enable many other experiences that might not require that same level of access,” Google Play’s Director of Product Management, Paul Bankhead, said in a blog post.

This means that popular TRAI DND App will not be revoked from the Play Store since its core functionality requires gaining access to spam calls and messages. For the longest time, TRAI’s DND App was only available on the Google Play Store, but pressure from the Indian government led to the launch of the appeven on Apple’s App Store. Unlike Play Store, Apple’s App Store has always been more privacy cautious and has never allowed unrestricted call logs and SMS access to apps due to potential risk to users’ privacy.

Google says that it will be removing such apps from the Play Store “over the next few weeks”. Developers whose apps have been removed can submit a new version of their app that retains the permissions or complete a permissions declaration form to gain an extension till March 9 to remove the permissions or receive approval for their use case.

How To Be A Topper: The Secret 1247 Technique


Generally, during preparation for exams, students spend 10-12 hours in a day on various topics. After the 1st study, since students get familiar with the topics, they ignore to revise it again.

Revision Technique

A study says we tend to forget 3/4th (about 75%) of what we have studied if we do not revise it within next 24 hours.

This is where 1247 technique can be most beneficial for students.

What is 1247 Technique?

Ans: Its a memory technique wherein you should revise whatever you have studied thrice after the 1st study. So effectively, you will study 4 times in 1-2-4-7 order.

  1. Initial study on the first day. (1)
  2. Revision on the next day after 1st study. (2)
  3. Again on the 4th day. (4)
  4. Again on the 7th day. (7)

Will it take more time to study and revise with 1247 technique?

Since the concepts are familiar, it will take less time to revise. For the 1st revision, it will take around 1 hour. 2nd Revision will take around 25-30 minutes. 3rd Revision around 5 minutes. As you keep re-visiting the topics, you save your precious time and also there will be less pressure on your brain.

what is the Benefits of 1247 technique?

Studying in this way, the concepts will go sit in your permanent memory. You can also recall whatever you have learned, quickly. This technique is extremely beneficial to those students who struggle in some topics/subjects.

For More Revision Technique https://www.timeshighereducation.com/student/advice/5-revision-tips-help-you-ace-exam-season-plus-7-more-unusual-approaches

Don’t feel nervous. Take your exams with full confidence.

You have studied hard all through the year, so approach your exams with full confidence.

Banish all the negative thoughts from your mind. Approach your exams with lots of positivity.

Exams are a test of our hard work, perseverance and diligence. I am sure you would pass with flying colors. 
All the best!

What is Pongal? How Pongal is Celebrated?


What is Pongal?

Pongal is celebrated in the Tamil Nadu which is located in the Southern part of India!

It is not a celebration of a single day and is celebrated in a time span of four days.

For the Hindu community, Pongal has been considered as one of the most important festivals of the year.

Its significance lies in the fact that, it is celebrated to say thanks to God and the creator of nature for the flourishing season of harvest. The name Pongal has been derived from the Tamil word “to boil”.

It is held in the Thai month, which falls from January to February.

During this season various cereals, rice, sugar-cane turmeric and many other cooking essentials of Tamil Nadu are harvested.

Image source: eattreat

How Pongal is celebrated ?/ How to celebrate Pongal?

In Tamil calendar, middle of the month of January is considered to be an important time of the year.

This quintessential festival of Tamil Nadu is celebrated typically on 14th or 15th of January.

This is the festival of offering gratification to God, for providing the man kind with the seasonal cycle, which helps in harvesting of grains properly.

Tamilians believe that on this day by saying ‘pirandhaal vazhi pirakkum’ all the problems of the family will be vanished. Traditionally this month is also considered as the month when most weddings take place.

This tradition can be argued on the ground that the wealth that people gain by harvesting is used for organizing wedding, especially in those families which have a close connection with agriculture.

Let’s get a little deeper into how these four days of the Pongal celebration in the state of Tamil Nadu takes place:

Day 1: People celebrate the first day of Pongal as Bhogi festival to show gratitude to Lord Indra who is considered to be the ruler of the sky and clouds and is responsible for showering us with rain.

Lord Indra is honoured for bringing on the earth prosperity and plenty by abundantly providing this season of harvest.

Another part of the celebration of this day is throwing out of the old useless articles of household in fire of cow-dung and wood.

The female members of the family sing and dance around the bonfire showing their gratefulness to the God of this harvest season.

The bonfire is a means of burning the waste obtained through the agriculture and also to keep people warm in the last days of the winter.

Day 2: on this day the ceremonial worship or Puja is performed around the households.

In the courtyard of the house rice is cooked with milk which is considered as a pious way of offering respect to the God Sun.

Day 3: This day is called as Mattu Pongal and is celebrated as a day for cows.

Cattles are worshipped by tying around their neck colourful beads, sheaves of corns, garland of flowers and tinkling bells.

People feed them with Pongal and take them to the village centre.

Day 4: This last and the fourth day of the celebration of this harvest season, is called as Kannum Pongal or Kanau.

Women on this day wash off a turmeric leaf and place it on the ground.

Then the leftover of the pongal, rice, betel leaves, turmeric leaves, and two pieces of sugar cane are placed on the leaf.

Women perform Arati for their brothers with limestone, turmeric oil and rice

Top OnlyFans Creators in 2022 (Updated List)


After a lot of research and metrics analysis, I have made this list of Top OnlyFans content creators. This list takes account different parameters such as No. of fans on different platforms, Global search and subscriber on their OnlyFans account.

Also you will get the answer of the question “Who is the top OnlyFans creator of 2021?

OnlyFans gave a new way to creators to monetize their content behind a paywall. It is gaining popularity day by day as more and more people and celebrities are joining this platform. Mostly famous for ad*lt content, OnlyFans has now more than 300 million users worldwide. OnlyFans gained a lot of popularity during the coronavirus lockdown.

With over thousands of content creators on OnlyFans, it became difficult to find the most best and most popular OnlyFans creators. In this post, I have created a list of top 10 OnlyFans creators in 2021.

You can also say that this is the list of Top OnlyFans Earners, Top OnlyFans accounts, Top OnlyFans models, Top OnlyFans girls

These 10 influencers have set themselves apart from the rest and currently rank as the Top 10 Most Popular OnlyFans Creators of 2021 and are Best OnlyFans Accounts to Buy.

Top 10 Most Popular OnlyFans Creators in 2022

  1. Jem Wolfie (@jemwolfie)
  2. Belle Delphine (@belledelphine)
  3. Bella Thorne (@bellathorne)
  4. Anri Okita (@anriokita_real)
  5. Cardi B (@imcardib)
  6. Blac Chyna (@blacchyna)
  7. Trisha Paytas (@trishyland)
  8. Renee Gracie (@reneegracie)
  9. Kirsty Austin (@kirstyaustin7)
  10. Kimmy Granger (@kimmygrangerxxx)

Jem Wolfie (@jemwolfie)

Jem Wolfie is currently the top OnlyFans creator and is the most subscribed OnlyFans account in the world. She is 29 years old and is rank 1 on our list of OnlyFans account globally in the world. She has more than 600K likes and has uploaded more than 300 posts on her OnlyFans account. The base price of her subscription is $5 for one month. Jem Wolfie has 2.7 million followers on her Instagram.

Belle Delphine (@belledelphine)

Belle Delphine is the top second creator on OnlyFans and is growing at very fast rate. Belle Delphine is South African-born British internet personality, model, and YouTuber. She is Cosplayer and baby doll model who rose to fame by posting fairy and kitten costume photos on her. Belle Delphine went viral after selling her ‘Gamer Girl Bath Water’ online. She Belle Delphine is 21 years old and  5ft 6in (168cm) tall.

Bella Thorne (@bellathorne) 1.6k

Bella Thorne ranks Third on the list of top OnlyFans creators with thousands of fan who pay for her content on OnlyFans. She is one of the most searched creator on OnlyFans.

Bella has more than 23 million followers on her Instagram. She made a record on OnlyFans by earning more than $2 million in just one week. After that, she got a lot of criticism from S*x workers on the platform.

Anri Okita (@anriokita_real)

Anri Okita is an English born Japanese actress, singer, songwriter and former ad*lt actress. Okita was a member of the idol group Ebisu Muscats. She has more than 200k likes on her OnlyFans account and the monthly subscription is $12.99 only. She has more than 1.2 million followers on her Instagram.

Cardi B (@imcardib)

Cardi B is one of those celebrities who recently joined the OnlyFans platform. She has more than 79 million followers on Instagram. Her OnlyFans account had uploaded just 5 posts on her OnlyFans and has 6k likes.

Cardi B recently spoke about her decision in an interview with Britain’s i-D magazine said, “I created an OnlyFans because people are stuck at home more, but also just because I wanted to be on an app where I can talk only and specifically to my fans. There are certain times – a lot of times, actually – when I just want to talk to my fans, you know, my people. I don’t wanna go live on Instagram or say my opinions on social media because people twist it and spin it.

Blac Chyna (@blacchyna)

Trisha Kay Paytas is an American media personality, YouTuber and model. She is best known for her outrageous YouTube videos and vlogs from her kitchen floor. She revealed that the most she’s earned from OnlyFans in a month is a million dollars. So she is one of the highest earner on OnlyFans.

Trisha has more than 2.3 million followers on her Instagram and about 5 million subscriber on Youtube.


Trisha Paytas (@trishyland)

Trisha Kay Paytas is an American media personality, YouTuber and model. She is best known for her outrageous YouTube videos and vlogs from her kitchen floor. She revealed that the most she’s earned from OnlyFans in a month is a million dollars. So she is one of the highest earner on OnlyFans.

Trisha has more than 2.3 million followers on her Instagram and about 5 million subscriber on Youtube.


Renee Gracie (@reneegracie)

Renee Gracie is in the list of top 0.01% list of OnlyFan and ranks in the list of top OnlyFans creators. She is an Australian ad*lt film actress and former racing drive. She has more than 250k likes on her OnlyFans posts. She regularly most on her OnlyFans. She is one of the most successful OnlyFans creator. Renee Gracie said her dad encouraged her to keep her OnlyFans account because of how much money she’s making.


Kirsty Austin (@kirstyaustin7)

Kirsty Austin is the Top onlyFans creator from United Kingdom. She is a popular gamer and twitch streamer. She has more than Instagram URLPaste a link to the content you want to display on your site.

Kimmy Granger (@kimmygrangerxxx)

Kimmy Granger is an American actress who works in the AV industry. She is 25 years old and is born in San Diego, California, USA. She has more than 800 post and 418k likes on her OnlyFans account. She is also very popular on Instagram with 1 million followers. Kimmy Granger was born and raised in California.

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Who is the top creator on OnlyFans?

As on March 2021, Jem Wolfie is the top OnlyFans creator. She is 29 years old and is rank 1 on our list of OnlyFans account globally in the world. She has more than 600K likes and has uploaded more than 300 posts on her OnlyFans account. The base price of her subscription is $5 for one month. Jem Wolfie has 2.7 million followers on her Instagram.

How do I see the Top OnlyFans Creators?

You can check this page from time to time to check who is currently the Top OnlyFans creator. This list gets updated every month.