10 Important Life Tips For Everyone

  1. Want to grow back your hair and stop greying of your hair:Start eating tulsi leaves everyday atleast 8–10 leaves a day.
  2. Want to lose fat and gain muscles:Just protein is not enough ;start eating vitamin C as it helps in absorbing protein in your body.Lemon in hot water every morning empty stomach promotes weight loss.
  3. Unable to perform on bed:Start Kegel exercises : Google it
  4. Suffering from indigestion:Start Intermittent fasting twice a week for a better gut health and stomach health. This will give the body much needed rest.Increases Insulin Sensitivity making you loose fat and utilise your food well.Avoid Junk and stop using chemicals like eno or pudin hara everytime you have indigestion.
  5. Want to stop excessive masturbation:Avoid Po*n and rely on your imagination. Soon You will lose interest in m@sturb@ti*n as you will have no new memory to turn to.
  6. Want to look big in size (for men):Perform shrugs thrice a week and soon you will notice a bigger shoulder dimension.Start Neck exercises with weights.These two muscles groups will make you look bigger.
  7. Want to get rid of the acnes: Start Oil pulling; This technique requires you to have coconut or sesame oil in your mouth first thing in the morning and gurgle it for 15–20 mins and throw it. For more information Google it.
  8. Want to focus better: Start “Anulom Vilom” pranayam and soon you will see a calmer side of yours. This is also beneficial for heart and brain.
  9. Want a smaller waist size: Try stomach vacuums and you will see a great change in your waist size. You need to perform this in empty stomach and in 3–4 sets everyday holding it for a minute.
  10. Suffering from lack of confidence:Speak to yourself everynight in whichever language you are comfortable in. Ask yourself questions that makes you uncomfortable like mentioned below.Honest answers to the questions will make you respect yourself more. You will get better as it makes you aware of your weaknesses.
  • Am i ugly?
  • Is my salary good enough?
  • Am i charming?
  • Why haven’t i met my life partner yet?


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